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Multi-format, multi-modality, high-resolution imager for centralized workflow

"The DRYSTAR 5500 is a high-throughput, high-resolution, dual media size Direct ThermalTM imager that can be easily networked for maximum productivity."

Improving workflow

With its high throughput of up to 100 14 x 17” sheets/hour, its unique multi-format architecture and sorting per modality function, the DRYSTAR 5500 is a versatile partner capable of handling a diversity of printing tasks from different sources with speed and reliability.

Every pixel tells a story

The Direct Thermal technology employed by the DRYSTAR 5500 is not only fast, clean and environmentally friendly, it is also one of the best ways of translating the high resolution capability of 508 ppi at a spot size of 50μm to a final image. Agfa's Direct Thermal printing technology performs well beyond current industry standards, ensuring that every pixel in the image is fully software controlled for virtualy flawless and consistent image quality. A significant reduction in wear and tear is due to an equally significant reduction in moving parts as a result of using Direct Thermal technology.

Multi-format and 2 media sizes on-line

Although the DRYSTAR 5500 features multiple format handling, the two most popular media sizes are permanently on-line. This means that the imager is capable of delivering CT, MRI, DSA, digital R&F, CR and DR images at high speed onto two different DRYSTAR DT2 media, sizes (8 x 10 and 14 x 17), making the final image versatility of this standalone, small footprint unit nothing short of astonishing. And what the DRYSTAR 5500 gains in versatility, the user gains in convenience and time.

Sorting it out

In order to increase efficiency and user-friendliness, the DRYSTAR 5500 has a unique sorter function. This ensures that whichever modality is being served, whichever print command is currently being handled, all tasks will be carried out and sorted, according to modality or patient record, if available. With the DRYSTAR 5500, high traffic density input no longer means bottle necks and go-slow output at the imager, virtually eliminating log jams.

Integrated print solution

Through its intelligent matching of Direct Thermal print technology, media and imager, the DRYSTAR 5500 is ideally suited to stand at the heart of an Agfa integrated solution. Its state-of-the-art DRYSTAR DT2TM media delivers diagnostic quality grayscale prints of very high quality. Because it is heat sensitive, DT2 offers the convenience of daylight loading, while the dry imaging technology means no more wet processing, no darkroom, no complicated adjustments or cleaning procedures, and no chemical disposal costs. DRYSTAR DT2 media can be used in all formats: 8 x 10", 10 x 12", 11 x 14", 14 x 14" and 14 x 17".

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